Creating a true sense of trust for a successful digital transformation

Last week, I was discussing the operationalization of artificial intelligence with a major retailer in Quebec, and the subject of data (and more specifically its quantity) quickly came to the heart of the conversation. Indeed, it is possible to create intelligent services without data (for example, a virtual agent), but it is impossible to complete one’s learning without data.

One question then arises: how to collect the necessary data in order to make the service intelligent? It’s not really a technical question, because it’s relatively simple to collect information. It’s a legal and ethical question. Just think of Cambridge Analytica in 2018 that led to a very onerous fine for Facebook earlier this summer. And that’s not the only example. I could mention names like Amazon, Apple, and Google that have been in the news lately for similar problems. Forbes magazine even published a post in October 2018 on the breakdown of public confidence with its giants of technologies that use information in a more or less transparent way.

Transparency is the key to success

So is there a way to collect this information without creating a scandal? The answer is yes. The secret ingredient is transparency.

As a company, we want (and I would even say we must) to collect data from our customers and even from our employees. The objective of this collection is often very valid: to provide them with better service. So why hide it?

People are generally willing to share their information if the end result is a better service. But to do that, they have to have confidence. So how do we build that trust? The answer lies in transparency and in data protection.

Creating a transparent and secure business

The proposed “Trust and Business Security” pathway of our Synergy project, was created to improve process security and transparency.

This course offers our clients the opportunity to develop a complete ecosystem for preventing threats and protecting information. This immune system for their organization offers tools & services to stop threats & secure processes. We also go further by enabling the development of intelligent assistants for fraud detection, event analysis and incident response orchestration.

In terms of transparency, we offer our customers to integrate technologies such as blockchain (blockchain) that allow you to offer your customers complete traceability of their transactions and give you the agility to offer a different and enriched experience.

Are you interested in the topic?

You’re interested in the topic of digital transformation and artificial intelligence, but you don’t know where to start. I invite you to contact me or follow us to learn more about our Synergy project. This will help you get started!

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The Synergy project: is your artificial intelligence roadmap ready?

Indeed, in today’s world, it is not possible to think about digital transformation without artificial intelligence. However, what does that mean? How can we operationalize artificial intelligence? This may sound like a simple question, but I have not met many companies that have been able to answer it. To answer this question, SIA and NextBlue created the Synergy project. This project, of which I am very proud, proposes a game plan to operationalize artificial intelligence. This is the secret ingredient that will allow organization to know what to reinvent to increase their agility. In order to enable our customers to achieve this agility, we have divided the roadmap into 5 levels: The first three levels provide the basis for a real digital transformation:
  • Level 1 – Multi-cloud Modernization – At this level, we are modernizing the various systems to make their data accessible and ready for use.
  • Level 2 – Intelligent Automation – We automate tasks that can be automated and deploy tools that present information in the right context to humans performing complex tasks.
  • Level 3 – Trust and Safer Business – We protect information and digital processes and improve transparency about their use to create a sense of trust among users.
Levels 4 and 5 allow the organization to reinvent itself and orchestrate everything that goes on in its organization to allow it to achieve agility with a big “A”:
  • Level 4 – Digital Reinvention – We are co-developing new business models to create better experiences (customers, employees, suppliers) that will allow the organization to stand out.
  • Level 5 – Decision and Orchestration – We use the maturity acquired in previous levels to develop tools to take the “best next good action” in relation to the various situations that arise within the organization.
Only NextBlue can propose a viable plan to operationalize artificial intelligence. We have both the tools (with IBM Cloud), the expertise (with our partners) and the methodology (with our Expressway method) to help you define your path to agility. You’re interested in the subject and you don’t know where to start. Or you already have an opinion on the subject and want to assess whether you are on the right track. Do not hesitate to contact us. Our unique approach will meet your expectations!

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