Transform customer service; make it effortless.

Banks have an opportunity to position themselves at the epicenter of evolving ecosystems, overseeing and orchestrating a broad range of best-in-class services for the benefit of their customers.

Strategy – Catching the wave
Strategy will need to recognize the permanence of change. Traditional banks need to refocus on their customer relationships. These relationships will become banks’ single-most-important asset, and they will need to be more intimate, nurtured and protected.

People – Reskilling for success
Banks will be less about transactions processing and more about relationship management and engagement – with customers, partners and stakeholders alike. Different capabilities will be required – collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurialism, among others. Reskilling will be necessary, as will selective recruitment of a new, different breed of banker.

Process, organization and culture – Open for business
Banks will need to change their internal culture so that they can embrace far-reaching implications of becoming central to emerging ecosystems. As an ecosystem orchestrator, banks will collaborate seamlessly with partner organizations, customers and others. Security, compliance and control will need to be balanced against an imperative of experimentation and collaboration with an ever-changing array of prospective collaborators.

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