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NextBlue Solutions

Our network of technology partners are experts in analytics, application modernization & integration, automation and cybersecurity. Together we deliver a full range of IT transformation solutions and services for small, medium and large companies. Our Alliance also provides you with business and industry expertise to mitigate risks in your journey to digital transformation and reinvention.

Build your IT foundation to reduce costs

  • Multi-cloud Modernization: Migrate to the cloud to gain flexibility, scalability and cost efficiencies. Modernize your applications to build new capabilities and to adapt more quickly to market changes.
  • Automation: Streamline repetitive tasks to increase productivity and efficiency and reduce human errors. Empower your team to focus on what is important: added-value tasks.
  • Trust & Safer Business: Stay in control: prevent, detect and respond to digital threats. Protect your data, your digital assets your customer information to build trust.

Infuse Artificial Intelligence to improve competitiveness

  • Operationalize AI: Get deep insights from your data with AI and use machine learning to make more accurate predictions.
  • Hyperautomation & Orchestration: Automate your end-to-end processes to create value at all levels of your business. Infuse AI in your workflows to create better and smarter processes.
  • Process & Decision Optimization: Transform decision-making: solve complex problems and simulate scenarios to achieve your desired business outcomes.

Our business and industry experts can help mitigate the risks in the following

  • Business Areas: Commerce & Marketing, Order Management, Supply Chain, Talent, Financial Services, Asset Management, and more.
  • Industries: Manufacturing, Transportation, Banking & Financial Services, Insurance, Energy &Utility, Government, and more.


Below is the list of products we offer, such as IBM Cloud Paks, infrastructure solutions, and other multiple advanced technologies. We can also help you deploy these technologies.

IBM Cloud Paks

  • Data
  • Apps
  • Integration
  • Multi-cloud Management
  • Automation
  • Security


  • Red Hat OpenShift
  • IBM Cloud PaaS
  • IBM IaaS
  • Private Cloud

Advanced Technologies

  • IoT
  • Blockchain
  • Asset Management
  • Marketing
  • Collaboration & Digital Experience
  • Talent Management
  • …and more

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