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Who is DLT Labs?

DLT Labs leverages their unique business insights and development capabilities to shape your company’s blockchain strategy and add value to your business. We are a global leader in the development and integration of innovative enterprise solutions using distributed ledger technology.


Supply Chain and Records Management

DL Asset Track™ offers a uniquely secure platform to record transactions and digital interactions in a transparent, robust, auditable, and efficient manner. It records and updates all transactions in real time, making the information available to all authorized participants.

Payments Management

DL Ecosystem™ is a sophisticated peer-to-peer network built with Distributed Ledger Technology that supports loyalty units, fiat currency, and cryptocurrencies. It is built on an immutable ledger that records every transaction in a tamper-proof, secure, and frictionless manner.

Personal Data Management

DL Data Consent™ seamlessly navigates regulations such as GDPR to ensure that organizations provide the utmost protection of personally identifiable information (PII) while still affording their clients the right to erase their information from legacy systems.

Verification & Reporting

DL Verify offers a comprehensive platform with a simple portal to capture public addresses of e-wallets and verify ownership, with the ability to download transactional reports and export them locally.​

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