Why should I attend?

Companies are interested in improving their performance in various business areas by Operationalizing AI.

Did you know that you first need to Re-Think IT? Accelerate your transformational change and achieve your desired business outcomes with:

(IBM Cloud Garage)

We use methods that include Design Thinking and MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) to achieve the benefits of:
– Rapid time to value
– Lower app modernization costs
– Risk mitigation

(IBM Cloud Paks)

Solutions need to be built on top of multi-cloud software platforms that:
– Protect the customer’s investment
– Lowers their operational costs
– Enables them to benefit from new technologies such as AI, Blockchain, IoT, etc.

(SIA’s Project Synergy)

The key to helping clients achieve success is co-innovating to define a personalized enterprise roadmap that will deliver their desired business outcomes.

The IBM Garage

The IBM Cloud Garage drives purposeful innovation and transformational change with the speed of a start-up at the scale of an enterprise. Achieve your business outcomes by co-creating with our cross-discipline experts, using our prescriptive IBM Garage Method for Cloud.

Prior to the Garage, SIA’s Organizational Alignment Workshops serve to co-define and validate the feasibility and readiness of the customer’s journey.

These transformational offerings leverage IBM Cloud Paks (running on Red Hat OpenShift and IBM Public Cloud) to enable the enterprise Business Agility that is necessary to remain competitive and deliver better business outcomes!

The IBM Cloud Paks

The IBM Cloud Cloud Paks can be leveraged to accelerate your time to value on your roadmap to transformation.
IBM and Red Hat enable you to build mission-critical applications once and run them anywhere while also benefiting from a faster deployment with lower administration costs.

  • Applications: Build, deploy and run applications
  • Data: Collect, organize and analyze data
  • Integration: Integrate app, data, cloud services and APIs
  • Automation: Transform business process, decisions and content
  • Multicloud Management: Improve cloud visibility, governance and automation
  • Security: Integrated and automated multicloud security and management

SIA's Project Synergy

The IBM Garage and IBM Cloud Paks are cohesively brought together with an outcome-based roadmap to Transform IT and Operationalize AI.
SIA’s Project Synergy is a roadmap to business agility with five different levels:

Levels 5 and 4 allow the organization to reinvent itself and improve business agility:
Decision and Orchestration – Use the maturity acquired in previous levels to develop tools that select the “next-best action”.
Digital Reinvention – Co-develop new business models to create better experiences (customers, employees, suppliers) that will allow the organization to stand out.

The first three levels provide the basis for a real digital transformation:
Trust and Safer Business – Protect your information and digital processes, and improve transparency around their usage.
Intelligent Automation – Automate your tasks and deploy tools that will display the right information in the right context to humans performing complex tasks.
Multi-cloud Modernization – Modernize the various systems to make your data accessible and ready for use.

Join us at this Breakfast Conference on Wednesday, November 20, 2019.

You will have the opportunity to network and meet experts from the IBM Garage and IBM Cloud Pak team.
Continental breakfast will be served. Ask questions to make your projects a success!