Intelligent automation to create a WOW effect for your employees!

I don’t think there is a single day where I don’t hear about the labour shortage in Quebec. This shortage has brought the experience back to the forefront and has asked leaders to find creative ways to give candidates a “wow” effect in filling vacant positions. Human resources have thus become the superheroes of organizations that must find a way to exploit human capital in order to ensure the growth, agility and competitiveness of the organization. I was just reading an IBM publication on this topic (Recruiting 2020) which led me to reflect on the application of artificial intelligence in the field of human resources.

In my third post on our Synergy project, I chose to talk about intelligent automation, but from a slightly different angle than what we usually read. When I pronounce the words “intelligent automation”, people naturally think of scenarios such as the automation of invoice processing or the creation of intelligent robots to replace humans in your value-added tasks (the famous Robotic Process Automation). However, very few people are thinking about using artificial intelligence to provide a different HR experience, and that is what I have decided to talk to you about today.

Intelligent automation in HR

So how can we make artificial intelligence functional in the area of human resources? I suggest you explore a fairly classic process: the selection of a candidate.

Let’s start by looking at how we could automate the selection of a candidate to add a “wow” effect. In a traditional process, the employee must first find and apply for the position in question. Who said that this should happen this way? Why is it the candidate that needs to make all the efforts? Why not automate use artificial intelligence to reverse the roles?

Virtual assistant for candidates

So how do we do that? I suggest we look at the problem from a different angle and ask why the employer would not get to know the candidate in order to recommend THE best position for him/her. Easier said than done you will tell me? Not really! With intelligent automation technologies such as a virtual assistant (the famous “chatbot”), this becomes possible.

With IBM Watson technology, we are now able to offer a virtual assistant for candidates.

I suggest you try the following site that offers this personalized and different candidate experience… let me know what you think!

At SIA, we are also creating our own version of it and it should be available on our site in a few weeks… This means that even small organizations can benefit!

Are you interested in the topic?

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