Talent Assessments

Who is EPSI?

At EPSI, we are focused on one thing: delivering comprehensive expertise to help you get the most from your most important resource: people. We customize a full range of human resources talent assessment and consulting services to help you overcome immediate challenges and realize long-term goals.


Consulting Services

Our consultants empower you to adapt a more rigorous, targeted and strategic brand of talent management. You’ll perform more effective personnel assessments for optimal organizational growth. You’ll more easily identify top candidates, reduce turnover rates, improve time-to-productivity ratios, and increase overall performance and efficiency.

Assessment Products

Both rigorous and innovative, our tools help you target individuals who are able to lead your organization to optimal efficiency.
- Talent Assessment Solutions
- Online Testing Platform
- Interview Builder
- Competency Management Solutions

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Intelligent Automation

Who is VersaFile?

VersaFile has been implementing custom content, process and automation solutions for enterprise organizations for over 15 years. Our extensive experience with legacy ECM and RM solutions, as well as today’s intelligent cloud content services has allowed us to see what clients need repeatedly, enabling us to offer pre-packaged solutions that will get you up and running more quickly and affordably than a typical custom implementation. 


Digital Transformation Services

Organize the chaos, get more out of your legacy systems, transform and automate your processes. From strategic & advisory to design & deployment to support & managed services we help in any way you need with your digital transformation, whether you choose to go with all or just some of our services.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Whether you’re looking to improve existing processes or create a digital transformation for your business, we use our extensive experience with content, process and automation, leveraging AI where it makes sense, to create outcomes that make a difference.

Advanced Technologies Products

Docuflow | SAP Certified
Intellĕgo | PeopleSoft
VersaFile TRex Platform

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Security Solutions

Who is SecureOps?

SecureOps is the trusted party that embeds itself within the client’s information security organization and enables the client’s staff to move to high visibility and critical requirements by assuming the operation of the day to day security infrastructure. We serve our customers from offices in Luxembourg, Prague, and Montreal, with a team of certified security experts. Our mission is to continue to pursue a center of excellence in information security.


Device Management

Specialized Security Device Management Solutions including FWaaS, SaaS and MPLS Replacement. SecureOps designs a custom solution which can include handling operations of all SIEM and firewall related SOC services or select responsibilities.

Security Posture Assessments

Information security posture assessments using one of the industry accepted control frameworks such as NIST, ISO 27002, or CSC 20 provides organizations a strategic view of their overall security health and resilience.

SecureOps has developed tailored services to meet each organization’s scope and budget in order to cost effectively reduce risk, improve security posture, and meet compliance requirements.

Log Monitoring & Management

Security log monitoring or simply log monitoring is typically the process of correlating, examining, and analyzing the often millions of logs that are generated from security assets including SIEM’s.

SecureOps has been managing logs and protecting our customers 24x7x365 for 20 years because of the evolved processes and expert personnel we leverage.

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B2B Marketing Performance

Who is ExoB2B?

ExoB2B is a business-to-business (B2B) marketing agency focused on performance and results. Our deep understanding of your market and your customers allows us to use digital technologies to boost the notoriety and credibility of your brand. This will help generate leads and increase sales.


Analysis & Validation

By identifying trends, threats, and opportunities, ExoB2B can assimilate the factors that define the important stakes in your market and use these insights to guide your strategic planning.

Strategic Positioning

Strategic Positioning is the cornerstone of any successful brand. It should be defined before any attempt is made to come up with the right branding. Strategic Positioning, developed by ExoB2B, is unique and long-lasting.

Value Proposition

A coherent Value Proposition, that has gone through Customer Validation, enables you to profoundly influence your marketing communications efforts by focusing on what your prospect and customers value.

Brand Strategy

The experience you want to offer your prospects and customers throughout the buyer’s journey, needs to be strategically determined. It means making technology more human, to tell a story, to share experiences.

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Co-Innovation Garage

Who is SIA Innovations?

SIA is a co-innovation garage, and a technology consulting firm. As an IBM gold business partner, we deploy customized digital and cognitive solutions that enable Canadian companies to integrate technologies at the core of their business model and to derive numerous benefits in terms of operational agility, communication, corporate culture, customer experience and market differentiation.


Organizational Alignment

We provide leadership & vision to help customers pursue their ladder to AI. We have the breadth of knowledge & skills (both industry & technical) to understand our customers’ needs and desired business outcomes.

Enterprise Design & Integration

We provide Next-Generation services, methodology & ecosystem to deliver results with rapid time-to-benefit. We deliver a collaborative approach to complement our customers’ Centers of Excellence.

Seamless Customer Experience

Our solutions are Enterprise grade all backed by IBM Cloud and AI technologies. Our continuous innovation leverages AI to help you learn, optimize and continuously improve.

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