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Who is WorkCentive?

Let us be your trusted Incentive Compensation Management partner for your end-to-end solutions. We make the journey with you, from selling licenses through to production and optimally maintaining your system. Under the leadership of our CEO, Noah Bass, our team of seasoned consultants excel in all aspects of compensation, providing collaborative consulting services, quality implementation and specialized customized training. Above all, we are driven to evolve and improve upon industry best practices to deliver quality results.



End to end customized solutions for your company’s IBM ICM software needs.

Managed Services

Managing post-go live opportunities and changes.

ICM Administrative Services

Free up your Time for other things, let experienced professionals do the heavy lifting for you.

ICM Health Check

Is your current ICM environment running optimally?

Strategic Reporting

Get deeper insights, derive richer analytics and build enhanced reports beyond incentive comp.

Plan Review and Optimization

How do you determine compensation plan effectiveness?

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Gestion de processus

Who is Apex Process Consultants?

Successful business transformation projects have the right combination of technologies, methodologies and people. At Apex, we help our clients to crystallize their digital vision, define implementation strategies and build execution capabilities. Accelerate your digital transformation and automate your business with Apex’s proven approach.


Technologies to Automate Your Business

We can help you to automate workflows with class-leading Business Process Management (BPM), Operational Decision Management (ODM) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools from IBM. We also leverage open-source products to build the best solutions for our clients.

Our Proven Methodology

Apex works with clients to design solutions for complex problems through an envisioning process where we utilize rapid prototyping to get feedback to refine design decisions. We have a track record of enabling organizations to adopt agile development practices and proven strategies for mentoring your team to develop their capabilities while executing on project deliverables.

Envision a Successful Outcome

Our envisioning approach brings together business people and technologists to understand problems, opportunities and priorities. It enables shared understanding among stakeholders, and is driven by rapid prototyping.

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Transformation numérique de l’expérience client

Who is Tink?

Tink is a company that specializes in digital transformation. Our technological roots, marketing skills and business acumen enable us to meet the transformation challenges mid-size and large organizations face when they choose to adopt a customer-centric vision.


Consulting & Strategy

Digital strategy and customer experience consulting to achieve your business objectives. We draw up a global portrait of an organization to understand its customer experience (CX) challenges and define its value offering.

Experience Design

Creative ideas to design a useful, relevant and engaging experience. We put customers at the heart of our approach and design innovative solutions that consider their needs, state of mind, desires, motivations and grievances.

Technology & Operations

The technological expertise required to develop, roll out and upgrade your solutions. We transform ideas into tangible solutions and upgrade them continuously.

Customer Intelligence

In-depth knowledge of how to leverage data to build customer intelligence. We collate and structure customer experience data to provide a global view and ensure better decision-making.

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Services technologiques

Who is TekMonks?

TekMonks is a premier software services and IT consulting company, leading the IT industry in the domain of Enterprise Solutions Development. Headquartered in Chicago, US, TekMonks is a Global Technology firm – with offices across 6 countries and 3 continents. We are serving the major fortune 500 clients in Insurance, Transportation, Healthcare and more. We also have a deep partnership network with IBM, Cognizant, Oracle, Sematic Designs, etc


IBM Services

IBM WebSphere is a leading integration and application infrastructure software platform. IBM WebSphere solutions bring leading end-to-end middleware capabilities so you can create, consume and secure applications in the most flexible way, on and off premise. Built on open standards and open source, IBM WebSphere can meet development and integration needs for business applications with enterprise quality of service.

Artificial Intelligence

TekMonks is working with global clients to use artificial intelligence for any business challenge. We help companies to build a range of AI solutions that learn and think like humans using Natural Language Processing (NLP), Speech Recognition and Machine Learning feature.

RedHat Linux Services

Linux is now the defacto the server platform of choice for Enterprise Data Centers, however it can still represent a challenge to IT staff who may be more familiar with Microsoft or other UNIX products or might simply be out of bandwidth. Whether you have a small Linux environment or a Linux farm with hundreds of servers, TekMonks' skilled and experienced consultants can provide the Linux skills needed to manage your Linux environment and make it more reliable and efficient.

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Technologies automatisées

Who is Streebo?

Navigate your digital transformation journey with Streebo. Build extremely secure and high performing applications and integrate smart conversational chatbots to your digital properties using Streebo DXA. Streebo teams up with the biggest technology partners like IBM®, Red Hat®, Samsung® and HCL® to help you fortify your business and grow 2X faster.


DX Accelerator

Streebo’s DX Accelerator is a bundle that contains a Digital platform and its set of no or low code tooling that allows IT teams and Line of Business to collaboratively and rapidly assemble slick and intuitive Web, Mobile and Chat Bot interfaces that can be easily integrated with enterprise web-services using point-and-click software.

Mobile Forms

An Enterprise ready solution which improves your mobile data collection app, streamlines business processes and eliminates paper forms. You can effortlessly build mobile forms app once and deploy them on browsers, tablets and mobiles with a single click of a button.

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Qui est Newcomp Analytics?

Chez Newcomp Analytics, nous vivons et respirons l’analyse des données. Peu importe où vous en êtes dans votre cheminement analytique, nous pouvons aider votre organisation à prospérer dans l’environnement complexe de nos jours. Notre équipe de scientifiques des données, d’ingénieurs et de développeurs suit des méthodologies et des pratiques exemplaires pour mener un projet de l’idée à la réalisation. Nous avons une formule simple pour vous aider à gagner : définir l’objectif, trouver les lacunes, puis vous associer avec les bonnes personnes, les bons processus et les bons outils pour y arriver – nous vous guidons tout au long du parcours.


Grâce à notre expérience auprès de centaines de clients en Amérique du Nord, nous nous concentrons a rendre l’intelligence d’affaires, la gestion de l’information, la modélisation prédictive, l’analyse de la planification et des logiciels libres une réalité au sein de votre organisation.


Gestion de la

Gestion de


Analyses de
logiciel libre

Nous formons

Notre objectif est de vous apprendre à être l’un de nous : un expert en données, découverte et livraison. Nos éducateurs sont des spécialistes de l’analyse intersectorielle qui apportent une expertise pratique concrète à la salle de classe.

Nous conseillons

Nous connaissons les bons outils pour chaque emploi parce que nous les utilisons tous les jours. Ces séances d’encadrement individuelles aident à accélérer l’apprentissage et à définir les compétences et les outils pour travailler dans le vaste environnement de données d’aujourd’hui.

Nous implantons et nous résolvons

Nous implantons pour toutes les tailles, toutes les industries, tous les niveaux de compétence. Simples ou complexes, nous connaissons les étapes à suivre – à chaque fois. Nos services comprennent : analyse des besoins, Consultation + implémentations, contrôles de santé, migrations + mises à jour, carte routière analytique, renouvellement du soutien, formation et acquisition de talents.


Technologies Marketing


CLEARGOALS is an Enterprise Marketing Technology Consultancy dedicated to providing solutions that will help businesses achieve their marketing goals. We work with companies to ensure that they have the best marketing processes in place using the right enterprise technology and tools. We provide best practices and the knowledge, skills, training, and discipline to their marketing teams to ensure their success. We create a marketing technology roadmap to ensure ROI.


Customer Experience

Provide your customers with a consistent and outstanding brand experience across devices.

Cross-Channel Marketing

Channel-switching provides an opportunity for brand interaction. Optimize messages, audiences, and channels for effective campaigns across all channels.

Data-Driven Marketing

Use data analytics to answer marketers’ questions. Turn data into predictions that they can act on with confidence.

Mobile Marketing

Personalize individual experiences across devices, Build experiences that unlock the business power of mobile.

Programmatic Advertising

Use data analytics to answer marketers’ questions. Turn data into predictions that they can act on with confidence.

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Solutions blockchain

Who is DLT Labs?

DLT Labs leverages their unique business insights and development capabilities to shape your company’s blockchain strategy and add value to your business. We are a global leader in the development and integration of innovative enterprise solutions using distributed ledger technology.


Supply Chain and Records Management

DL Asset Track™ offers a uniquely secure platform to record transactions and digital interactions in a transparent, robust, auditable, and efficient manner. It records and updates all transactions in real time, making the information available to all authorized participants.

Payments Management

DL Ecosystem™ is a sophisticated peer-to-peer network built with Distributed Ledger Technology that supports loyalty units, fiat currency, and cryptocurrencies. It is built on an immutable ledger that records every transaction in a tamper-proof, secure, and frictionless manner.

Personal Data Management

DL Data Consent™ seamlessly navigates regulations such as GDPR to ensure that organizations provide the utmost protection of personally identifiable information (PII) while still affording their clients the right to erase their information from legacy systems.

Verification & Reporting

DL Verify offers a comprehensive platform with a simple portal to capture public addresses of e-wallets and verify ownership, with the ability to download transactional reports and export them locally.​

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Gestion de la chaîne logisitique

Who is Co-Enterprise?

Co-enterprise provides integration and analytics solutions and services that enable companies to unlock the value of their business potential. We offer expert consulting, training, and assurance services to companies looking to optimize their processes and take their businesses to the next level.


EDI Visibility

Designed for non-technical users, Syncrofy allows you to view and analyze EDI data in a simplified way so you can work faster and smarter.


Our award-winning integration solutions and services include everything from training and support to complete system implementations.

Data Analytics

We help companies get the most value out of their data by providing expert data services including strategy, prep and integration, governance and visualization.

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Gestion des actifs

Who is STI Maintenance?

Using best practices and the latest technology, STI Maintenance proposes and carries out the activities needed to improve the condition and management of your equipment and facilities. We are committed to providing optimal solutions while also respecting your reality and needs.


Asset Management

STI Maintenance integrates your company's activities to evaluate your methods and establish an action plan to optimize your practices and benefit from their performance.


Our professionals guide you towards solutions that are best adapted to your needs due to our great command of maintenance software packages such as Maximo, IBM Control Desk, SAP PM, etc.

Specialized Workforce Services

We provide our clients with ongoing support by providing them with specialized labour services that include consultants, supervisors, planners, and technicians specialized in maintenance management.

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